Yoga and your Arthritis

Moving a limb, inhale while you raise your chin up and exhale while you lower your chin towards your chest…for some, these can be warm up poses while for others, these will be used to discover the benefits of breathing to help them move into poses to ease the joints, stiffness and inflammation.

There are no limits and no boundaries in terms of yoga practise in the context of students who are able to progress to advance levels with the help of their health ability and students who prefers to take time to feel and explore poses to help them gain strength and mobility.

The expression “no pain, no gain” does not apply here in yoga practise: You don’t want to add to any pain you’re feeling, so you’ll want to start slowly and tailor yoga poses to your abilities with the guidance from the Yoga Teacher. Mild exercise that isn’t painful improves endorphins and can improve functioning over time.

Yoga for Arthritis will start from where you are and not where the others with no arthritis condition start. Breath awareness and control will be taught to help you breathe more deeply using breathing exercises and such breathing techniques may help you to manage arthritis pain at times.

Start on easy poses to gain strength and more importantly, build up your confidence. As you practise consistently, this strength and confidence will help you progress to more challenging poses. Yoga for Arthritis is practised in the same environment as any yoga classes. Be happy, laugh, interact & enjoy your practice.

Make time for yourself to relieve the pain you are having. Invest in time to take care of yourself. You can live well with arthritis.