Teacher: Tania Choh

Tania is a charismatic and engaging yoga teacher. She practices Ashtanga yoga as it improves flexibility, increases strength and builds stamina at the same time. Most importantly, it strengthens core muscles which help improved her posture. Ashtanga allows her to follow a routine for steady progression while calming the mind with good breath control.

She has instructed a variety of classes from private to group classes, many corporations as well as country clubs in Singapore work with Tania.

Tania has been practicing yoga since 2004. Her journey began with Hatha yoga whilst working in a large multinational company. Her passion for yoga grew and in 2009, Tania decided to focus on yoga to share her passion and to teach.

She enrolled and completed the 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training course as well as the 300-hour Yoga Alliance advanced teacher training course. Tania holds the distinction of being one of a handful of teachers to have completed the 500-hour course in Singapore, in 2009. She is certified in Fitness Nutrition and in Sports Massage from the International Sports Academy in 2022.

In over 14-years of teaching and training, Tania has been able to work closely with groups as well as individuals of different body types, providing her with a deep understanding of physical limitations and individual pace. This accumulated experience gives her insights into improving quality adjustments of each posture (asana), which has resulted in fast progressing improvement with her students. These alignments and adjustments are value-added services that many clients appreciate as they observe results in their bodies and overall wellness, which is a great motivating factor.

Students from all walks of life, from housewives to businessmen have benefitted by the opportunity Tania provides to learn and help improve overall physical and mental weaknesses and enhance their personal strengths in each area.

Tania has experience in teaching many styles of yoga and classes not limiting to Ashtanga, Mysore, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga Stretch and Yoga Therapy.