Customised Classes

Our Customised Classes are programme-based and catered to your individual or group needs. Each programme’s design begins with a consultation process with our client, where together we define the specific requirements and wellness objectives as well as preferred styles and inclinations for us to build a solution upon. Our aim is to deliver a fulfilling and valuable experience to aid each participant’s journey beyond the self.

Corporate Classes

We bring YogaTime to you!

Let us know what is a suitable timing for you and where you are, and we will be happy to provide your YogaTime experience at your location and convenience. Alternatively, you may also wish to use our premises at 70a Bussorah Street.

YogaTime Corporate Classes are highly customised based on the specific needs of client organisations. We work together with your relevant departments to determine the best solutions, which may include sessions for stress relief and pressure elevation, centering both the body and mind, releasing tension, calming the mind for greater clarity or for overall health and wellness.

Private Classes

Private yoga classes are an investment for your personal growth and health.

YogaTime Private Classes are 1-to-1 or small group personal classes centered around addressing specific goals or developing distinct requirements. Each Private Yoga Class programme is individualised and paced according to a client’s abilities and fashioned to accommodate any injury, disability or physical impediment.  These classes benefit each individual practitioner in terms of focused and detailed instruction and application for faster, more defined ability and greater therapeutic benefits.

You should consider a private class instead of a group class if you wish to work on or are carrying an injury, have a specific goal or concern, or you are simply more comfortable in a private and personal setting.

Specialised Training for YTT Students

YogaTime is developing a special programme for students intending to undergo Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). Stay tuned for exciting news real soon.