Teacher: Irina Medvedeva

Irina is a certified Zumba, Zumba Gold , Zumba Kids and Chair Zumba instructor, who has been teaching Zumba for 4 years. Dancing was her passion and favourite hobby for many years, which turned into a professional occupation at the end of 2018.

Irina was born and raised in Russia. After travelling the world and living in different countries she learned various dance styles and used to perform as a flamenco, bellydance and samba dancer.

Irina is an energetic and enthusiastic instructor, loves to work with people and share with them her long lasting love for dance and good music.
Irina encourages and appreciates feedback about her class in order to
better understand the needs of the students and improve her teaching skills.

“For me Zumba classes are not only about exercising. It is about creating a community where everyone is welcome regardless of their age, size, sex or physical limitations. Did you know that you can dance Zumba while sitting on a chair? The answer is: Sure, why not :)”