Teacher: Jaclyn Lim

I started my yoga journey in 2004 with the simple intention to improve my health when I have difficulties grounding my heels. Yoga has not only helped me in my physical issues but mentally as well. It brought me back to sanity when a tragic event struck my family in 2018.

With the encouragement of my family and yoga teacher, I decided to pursue a yoga teacher training course in 2017. I did not expect or even think that I could one day forego my corporate life to be full-time yoga teacher.

My classes are energetic – yet creative enough for beginners to stay present and be able to participate. My classes challenge the students mentally and physically, encouraging them to improve and progress further.

In early June 2022, I have participated as a yoga instructor in the Zentosa Fest, organised by HPB, True Fitness and Sentosa. I led a group of yogis for a session of evening yoga flow.