Level: For All

Bollywood dancing is a style of dance that is heavily influenced by Hindu art, music and culture and originated in Bollywood films. When Bollywood dance first began it was only common and popular in areas where Indian films were published such as the Middle East and Asian countries. There is a huge history behind Bollywood dance from cultural to religious however one thing that can be stated is that the international appeal of Bollywood dance blew up in the early 21st century. The success of Bollywood dance can be seen through the artists like Britney Spears, Shakira and the Pussycat Dolls incorporating the Bollywood style of dance and music into their songs, videos and concerts. This dance workout is a combination of various traditional and modern Indian dance forms with a little hint of Jazz, Hip-hop, Latin dance. It is a fusion dance form and have no hard-and-fast rules. Mixing and matching the moves are pretty common. Most importantly, feel the beat and dance along. It is a full-body cardio workout with loads of fun! Win-win!