Our Rates

Yoga Rates

Single 60 or 90-minute standard yoga class

All of YogaTime’s standard 60 to 90 minutes classes are priced at $32 per class for walk-ins.

Block of 10 standard yoga classes

Get the best value on your YogaTime yoga classes with our 10 yoga classes blocks. Stretch both your dollar and yourself at just $240

Single superfun 60-minute kids yoga class

YogaTime fun for kids to learn yoga with the aim of increasing their mental and physical abilities.

Mat Pilates Rates

Single Mat Pilates class

Our 60 minute mat pilates classes are priced at $40 per class for walk-in.

Block of 10 Mat Pilates classes

Maximise your Pilates workouts with our 10-class Mat Pilates block, only for $320!

75-minute yoga therapy sessions

YogaTime’s yoga therapy sessions are conducted as a small group for more personal attention. The rate for each session is $45.

Class Combination Rates

4 Yoga Group Classes + 4 Mat Pilates Group Classes Combo

Get the best of both worlds! Take advantage of our YogaTime 4X4 Combination Pass where you’ll get 4 yoga classes and 4 mat pilates classes for just $224 – that’s just $28 per class!

Special Classes

YogaTime Holistic Sessions

YogaTime Holistic sessions are modalities supplementary to yoga that offer deeper and greater understanding of the journey to beyond one’s self. Class durations and rates vary depending on each specific type of session.

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Private Sessions

Single Yoga Private Session

Take a private yoga session to perfect or expand your capabilities, or strengthen and focus on select needs.

Block of Ten Private Sessions

Get personal attention over 10 sessions, where we guide you to greater overall wellness. We’ll build a course for you around your needs.

10 Standard Yoga Classes*

Drop in as many as 10 times within the 90-day period to enjoy unrestricted access to all our available yoga classes

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All Class Passes provide standard class access for a greatly discounted price. Our ALL INCLUSIVE Class Pass gives a further expands your options to all classes that we offer