Level: Multi Level

SALSATION®️ is a fun and addictive, functional dance workout! You’ll learn the art of moving to world rhythms while getting fit but, SALSATION®️ is so much more than just a dance class – it’s the result of years of research and development. Each 60-minute class is crafted to improve overall strength and flexibility, increase the body’s range of motion and take your dance skills to the next level.

Each class follows The SALSATION®️ Equation and begins with a set of body isolation exercises and dynamic moves to safely warm the body. At the end of class, instructors guide the class through a soulful, slow song to cool down. Throughout the class, our instructors cue the proper direction, placement, and movement physically rather than verbally which naturally draws the dancers’ eye and encourages students to focus and develop their own natural movement. This makes the barrier to entry super simple and is great for new dancers and international participants.

SALSATION®️ places a special emphasis on musicality, lyrical expression and functional training. At SALSATION®️ we like to call this Meraki – a Greek word meaning that special touch of passion you put into something when you really love to do it. This is the feeling you’ll get from a SALSATION®️ class!