Mindfulness Meditation

Level: Open to All Levels

In today’s busy world of intense and challenging work and home environments, people are often stretched to their mental limits as the pressure, responsibilities and issues that arise take precedence over one’s own self-care as well as physical- and mental-health. Research has shown that contemplative practices such as meditation can have a profound impact on one’s mental, physical and emotional health. This class features the use of mindfulness, the ability to be fully present and open to the moment, as the main pathway to support the body/mind deal with stress, burnout and anxiety. The aim is to help you learn to self-regulate and live a better-quality life by increasing your capacity to manage stress, expand social-emotional capacities and harness creativity – catalysts to uncovering a depth of emotional resilience and mental capacities previously unknown.


  • Improve emotional intelligence and creativity
  • Enhance clarity and focus to make better decisions
  • Develop better self-awareness, learning to recognize signs of stress within the body/mind
  • Self-regulate when the triggers of stress appear, becoming more resilient
  • Develop greater balance, tranquility and well-being

Level: Open to All Levels

Meditation is not action; rather, a state we journey to. Dharana (concentration) is the most successful, and yet unspoken of, method to reach the meditative state. YogaTime’s meditation classes emphasises the journey to the meditative state. Therefore, a variety of methods will be introduced in the meditation classes, encouraging the practitioner to attempt different techniques, until he/she finds the most suitable for him/her.