Yoga Therapy

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Be guided into a deep and relaxing state through breathing and flow exercises that harness the encouragement of body, mind and spirit integration in order to improve psychological well-being and physical health.

The parasympathetic effect of Yoga Therapy results in a enhanced state of holistic being with a clearer state of mind, increased bodily function and efficiency – including rehabilitation, healing, digestion, waste disposal and blood circulation, and a calmer and unobstructed spiritual form and flow.

Yoga Therapy is a slow-paced class where poses that are supported by props may be held for between 3 to 5 minutes, allowing one to fully relax and let go of stress in the body as well as the mind, which in turn frees tension from the spirit. Each class is closed with guided meditation which aims at bringing attendees to their specific ultimate state of relaxation.