Restorative Yoga

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Restorative classes are a planned combination of asanas (yoga poses) and breathing techniques aimed at working intensively and efficiently on muscular chains and joints in order to:

  • Increase body awareness,
  • Release the physical and emotional symptoms of chronicle or repetitive postural misalignment,
  • Improve the vital energy of organs and blood circulation,
  • Release tension and stress,
  • Contribute to hormonal balance,
  • Improve physical and emotional wellness,
  • Promote peace on mind, compassionate attitude, smiles and laughter (in advanced level :))

The class is open to all levels of students. The variety of movements and asanas will lead to a better performance on strengthening and stretching, offering the student some foundation to practice yoga poses in a good range of complexity. Props are used during the whole class in order to deepen physical and inner experience. Classes are concluded with generous relaxation and optional meditation.